Who is behind Nectar?

Nectar is the brainchild of Paul and Julius – two entrepreneurs who have been programming computers for decades.

Julius Spencer is the front end man, a talented programmer who has been programming for Android almost as long as it has been around and programming for servers long before that.  Julius has (deliberately) never seen EXO in action – meaning he has been able to ignore the “status quo” and deliver a fresh new perspective on usability, making Nectar is about as easy to use as it can possibly be.  Julius is our app programmer, server admin and accounts person.

Paul Hutchison is a long time EXO Business guru.  He’s been working with ERP systems for almost a decade and programming for much longer, and since 2007 he’s become a recognised expert in databases and reporting, specifically as they relate to EXO.  With his long history of programming and an insatiable desire to streamline processes and you’ll understand why he’s pick of the crop when it comes to building a mobile interface to EXO.  Paul is our web service geek, systems designer, sales rep and technical support person.

We hope you love Nectar as much as we love creating and supporting it.  If it’s not the best mobile app for EXO you’ve ever used, we want to know!

Why “Nectar”?

Bees are great little creatures.  Without the hard work of our apian friends, floral life as we know it would largely cease to exist. Nectar is what drives them – it is their reason for living.  It is nectar that keeps a bee going from one flower to the next: a bit here, a bit there, pollinating as they go to ensure there will be more next time.

Nectar Mobile software is about driving the success of your business—helping your mobile staff build your business, one sale or job at a time.  It’s also about “pollinating”—building lasting customer relationships as they go to ensure that there will be more business next time.  We think you’ll agree that Nectar truly lives up to its name.