We’re proud of our decision to go with a native Android app to begin with – it makes perfect business sense to use (good quality) Android devices in business. But we are still frequently asked, “Why Android?”

Well, what exactly are all the options for taking EXO on the road? Let’s take a look (hover over cells for more information):

Feature Nectar
on Android
Web Apps
Windows Mobile or Phone iPhone/iPad
Full and transparent offline use Yes Very limited Yes Yes
Easy to use and responsive Yes Sometimes Yes Yes
Handles larger data sets with ease Yes Rarely Yes Depends
Data remains on your hardware Yes Not usually Depends on infrastructure Depends on infrastructure
Rugged device support Yes Yes Yes No
Mobile OS market penetration* 81% 95-98% about 4% about 13%
Cost of hardware / deployment About $200+ About $200+ Usually
Integration to Google Apps and services Excellent Excellent Very limited Somewhat limited