Nectar makes all your customer and product information available anywhere, and new orders go directly and instantly to your server.

Nectar gives you the most powerful stock pick methods available on mobile to give the rep a huge level of flexibility: view weekly or monthly sales history, browse a catalogue, view sales rep favourites or previous orders.

Have your reps already got Android phones or tablets?  Nectar gives them an instant productivity boost by allowing them to navigate directly to customers, prompting them with what to sell, and allowing them to follow up outstanding invoices.

Nectar is a cost-saving technology.  It allows your reps to be more productive, sell more, and build great relationships with clients. Reduce costs by:

  • Eliminating double-handling of orders
  • Never losing paperwork again
  • Reducing printing costs – take digital documentation with you
  • Following up on every opportunity

Nectar helps you do all this and so much more.  Your customers will love you too – imagine an order that could be picked and packed ready to send before the rep has left the customer’s site!